How Often Do You Need to Post on Social Media to Grow Your Business?

I get this question a lot – both from work-from-home-moms and clients of my marketing agency. And honestly? There is not a one size fits all answer. However, there are some parameters you can use to identify what will work best for your goals and your business type. Let’s dive in!

First, what’s your goal?

For some, social media is a key to developing new business. For others, it’s a tool to give them credibility when a referral or new connection is researching their business. If you’re looking to grow your business, you’re going to need to be more attuned to the algorithms on the various channels that you’re active on – because your visibility is dependent on how those networks showcase content. If you’re focused on giving yourself a credibility boost for people that have connected with you at events, seen you speak, or are a referral from an existing client, you can focus less on posting often and more on building a hub of evergreen content that supports your key services over time.

Channels to post on

Different channels require different types of activity – for example, LinkedIn is a lot slower moving than Twitter. Understanding where your target audience is most active and starting with a strategy for that platform, then expanding as you grow, can be a great way to not overwhelm yourself with content that needs to post.

For a B2B business in growth mode, here’s how frequently I would post and the mix of content I would post from a 10,000 foot view:

LinkedIn – 3-5 posts per week focused on tips from your trade, motivation, case studies and how you help. 1 in every 4-5 posts should be promotional.

TikTok – 3-5 posts per day with a mix of value add/tip content and funny/trending sounds adapted to your audience/niche. 2-3 per week should be promotional.

Instagram – 1-2 posts per day with a mix of value add/tip content and funny/trending sounds adapted to your audience/niche. 1-2 per week should be promotional

Facebook – Repurpose content from Instagram, but with direct links to blog posts

Twitter – I have not been a huge advocate for Twitter over the past five years or so, but recent developments have me reconsidering that recommendation. If you have time (and that’s a big IF), you can repurpose your tip/high value content on Twitter from other networks, but you’ll want to set it up to recur every few days so that you’re getting the right visibility on this incredibly fast moving network.

Engaging on Content

A big part of building traction on any social network is being social on that network. I know, I know – sounds crazy, right?! Build time into your schedule to engage on other people’s content daily – this is of equal important to the frequency that you post on your own channels. I would plan to spend a minimum of 30 minutes daily engaging on other people’s posts if you’re looking to max out your business opportunities on social.

Above all, be consistent

The most important indicator of your success is consistency. Funny enough, this is the thing that we all struggle with most. If you can consistently post 3 times a week, stick with that instead of trying to post 3 times per day. Your growth might be a little slower, but it will be consistent and you won’t burn out trying to do more than you actually have capacity to do. And you won’t lose traction with the algorithms by constantly adjusting when/how often you post.