Hi! I’m Cortney.

I’m a mom, wife, digital entrepreneur, agency owner, sales and marketing guru, podcast host and creator.

I’m passionate about helping parents find better balance between their work and personal lives, creating career opportunities that allow you to live life on your own terms, and finding joy in the process.

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My goal is to help working parents thrive.

As a driven professional, mom and wife, I struggled to find a fulfilling career that allowed me to balance work and family. So I built a business that allowed me to unapologetically do both – and I want to help you create a business or career that fulfills you, without forcing you to sacrifice the lifestyle you want to live.

As a wife and mom of 3, and share my own challenges, successes, and work-life balance tips on my blog and Instagram.

I also own a digital marketing agency that helps 7 to 10 figure businesses scale sustainably by building and implementing digital sales and marketing strategies.

I’m here to help you live the best version of life – whatever that looks like! Submit topic ideas and connect with me here.

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